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Detailing / special model of folks harp mod. 80 and mod. 2000

Inlays on the head and footboard

Maple / cherry bonded and lathed

Price 250,- €

Carving / gilded carving

Fischer harps are available with various carvings. On request, the carvings can be gold-plated or individual detailing can be added.

Carving 250,- €
Gild carving 250,- €
Gold rings 250,- €

Inntaler carving / Inntaler gilded carving

The traditional Inntaler carving has been very popular for years. It is also available, and looks even more noble when it is gilded.

Inntaler carving 350,- €
Gild Inntaler carving 350,- €
Gold rings 250,- €

Gilded mechanics

All metal parts are plated with copper, then nickel-plated and galvanically gold-plated on request.

Price 350,- €

Gold rings on the head and footboard

The gold rings complement the gilded mechanics and give the harp a refined look.

Price 250,- €

Maple special model

All parts of the harp (which would otherwise be made form cherry) are made of maple wood.

Price 600,- €

Special colours

The harp can be stained red upon request.

Free of charge

Custom finishes can be applied upon request.

Price on request

You can see more examples in the photo gallery