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Transharp Harfentrolley mit Harfe
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The TransHarp ® harp trolley is your easy-to-handle companion when it comes to transporting your precious instrument, whether you are on the way to a concert, your music lesson or moving from backstage to the stage ...

Stairs, gravel walks, thresholds and cobblestone pavements are no longer a problem with your TransHarp ®.

Perfectly adapted to move your harp

Because of its big, pneumatic-tired wheels (Ø = 12“), the TransHarp ® is versatile and comfortable and makes you feel safe in every situation.

Soft padding, perfectly placed bar ends, two tension belts and antiskid rubber on the base plate optimize its transport performance.

The TransHarp ® is a lightweight companion (5,5 kg), due to its light, yet sturdy aluminium construction.

Whether you have a single-action or a double-action pedal harp, you can always rely on your TransHarp ® trolley!

Transharp Harfentrolley

Transharp ergo Harfentrolley
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The TransHarp ergo ® is identical to the TransHarp ® with the exception of one handle, which is angled to the rear. Due to this advancement it is no longer necessary to put your arms over or around the harp. This also makes it easier to balance and more comfortable to transport your instrument.


Seit 2015 konnten wir die Preise für unsere HARPO-Transportsysteme stabil halten.
Gestiegene Produktionskosten zwingen uns nun die Preise für unsere HARPO-Transportsysteme zu erhöhen.

Transharp 575,- €
Transharp ergo 575,- €
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Transharp ergo mit Harfe

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Transharp - ergo
Transharp ergo mit Harfe

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