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Fischer Children's Harp

The pedal harp for the early start

Fischer Children's Harp

The little sister of the folk harp for an early start.
Suitable for children from 5 years of age

We have manufactured these special pedal harps for 25 years.

Especially for alpine folk music, it is important to have a harp which can change keys without delays or pauses.

Even professional harpists are always amazed at what a great sound this child-friendly instrument elicits.

In many music schools, the school harp is an integral part of harp lessons using pedal-harps.

Stringing: 34 strings, synthetic / steel
Range: C - as'''
Mechanics: 5 pedals
Finish: Natural beech with a thin maple or birch veneer
Accessories: Transport cover
Height: 142 cm high


The Children's Harp is identical to the design for the folk harp, with its proven disc-mechanics and set-through tapered tuning pegs, identical to the construction of the folks harp , but it only had 5 pedals instead of seven (Eb major to D major, see guide) . This way, young harp players also have the opportunity to play comfortably with using harps with pedals. With 34 nylon or steel strings, the harp school has a tonal range of C to as'''.

Fischer Schulharfe, Mechanik


To protect the soft, good-sounding spruce, a maple or birch veneer is bonded to the soundboard.

The body, neck and pillar are made of beech. This instrument is available in natural and red-stained beech.

Back of pedal box
Fischer Schulharfe, Pedalkasten
Natural beech
Fischer Schulharfe, Holzmuster Buche natur
Fischer Schulharfe, Holzmuster rot gebeizt
Tonarten der Schulharfe, Link zum Ratgeber